3 Benefits Of In-Home Care After A Loved One's Stroke


Strokes block blood and oxygen from the brain, damaging and even killing some or all brain cells depending on the severity of the stroke. Considering it is one of the main causes of death and a leading cause of disability, a stroke can affect a person's health, wellness, and quality of life. If you have a spouse, parent, or other loved one who has recently had a stroke, knowing how to care for them is important.

10 April 2019

3 Tips For Women Who Need To Manage Their Cardiovascular Health After A Heart Attack


If you have recently had a heart attack, there is a good chance that you are more than a bit uncertain as to what will happen in the future. For instance, you might be aware that you are often at a higher risk of another heart attack and it's essential now to begin making decisions that will impact the quality and length of the rest of your life. As a result, it's best to be aware of the following information, given that more than 200,000 women die every year as the result of heart attacks, and many of those deaths could have been prevented.

1 August 2017

Your Opthalmologist Visit: Understanding A Cataract Diagnosis


The ophthalmologist tells you that you have cataracts. Uh-oh. Before you panic, or even stress, know that in most cases cataracts are treatable. Learning more about this common condition, understanding the facts and knowing what isn't true can help you to feel more comfortable with your upcoming eye care. Okay, so you might already know that a cataract is a cloudy area in the eye that can interfere with your vision.

5 August 2016

How Your Addiction Is Affecting Your Relationships In Life


Trying to break a drug addiction is not an easy feat, but it is something you should seriously consider doing right now. Your addiction is not only bad for yourself, but it is also affecting those closest to you. If you cannot break the addiction for yourself, you really should consider trying to achieve this so you can stop damaging all the relationships in your life. Here are three effects your addiction may be having on your friends and family members.

2 June 2016

Three Tips For Keeping Your Child's Feet And Ankles Safe From Sports Injuries


If your child is athletically active, it can place a tremendous amount of stress on their growing feet. Unfortunately, there are some parents that may not be aware of the steps that they can take to help keep their child from experiencing some common foot and ankle issues. Making sure to appreciate these tips will help you to be a more prepared parent when it comes to these issues. Invest In Quality Orthotics

11 May 2016

Do You Suffer With Back Or Knee Trouble? Why You Need A Lift Chair


If you live with chronic pain in your back, knees or legs, you may be able to benefit tremendously by getting a lift chair.  You can think of a lift chair as somewhat of a turbocharged recliner.  In addition to the reclining feature, some lift chairs move up and down, others move from side to side, and still other types of lift chairs combine both motions in a single unit.  People with certain health conditions of the spinal column and legs often find that getting a lift chair turns out to be a lifesaver.

17 June 2015

Is It Eyestrain Or Astigmatism?


Astigmatism is a common eye condition caused by a misshapen cornea that results in blurry vision. It shares many symptoms with eye strain and is often mistaken for that condition. Here's how you can tell the difference between the two. Eyestrain vs. Astigmatism Eyestrain occurs as the result of overuse of the eyes. You can develop it in a variety of ways such as using electronic devices for long periods of time, engaging in extended periods of reading, and attempting to see in low-light environments.

20 May 2015

Assisted Living Community: How It Can Be Beneficial For A Senior Parent With Alzheimer's Disease


Does your senior parent seem to have memory lapses more often? He or she may be showing early signs of Alzheimer's disease, and living in an assisted living apartment may be ideal for safety reasons. In this article, find out how living in an assisted living community can be beneficial for a senior with signs of Alzheimer's disease and how the expenses can be paid on a low income. How is Assisted Living Beneficial for a Senior with Alzheimer's Disease?

29 January 2015

Learn How To Choose Your First Set Of Glasses


Having to get glasses for the first time can be a bit overwhelming because you want to be sure that you invest in glasses that are comfortable and stylish. It is important to take your time when choosing a pair of glasses to ensure that you buy a pair you will actually want to wear for quite some time. Below is a guide for choosing the best frames for your face:

23 January 2015

Staying Up On Healthy Feet - Signs You May Need To See A Podiatrist


The pressure to exercise, eat right, and make positive lifestyle choices has led to more and more people actively working to improve their medical situation. Not all common ailments, however, have received the same attention, however. Your feet are often said to be the mirror of your overall health, yet they are often times neglected. Many people feel that foot issues can be handled at home, and in doing so, often miss out on valuable care that could greatly improve their quality of life.

15 January 2015