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Faqs About Low Testosterone Levels In Men

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Are you embarrassed as a man because you are unable to give your partner an enjoyable sexual experience due to erectile dysfunction? A common problem that causes men to experience erectile dysfunction is for the level of testosterone to decrease. If you have not done so already, you need to make an appointment with a doctor to find out if you need to undergo treatment for low testosterone. A doctor can run tests to determine if testosterone replacement therapy should be considered for the problems you are experiencing with your body.

How Does Low Testosterone Affect the Male Body?

Low testosterone does not only cause sexual performance problems for a man but can also lead to him developing larger breasts. Another unpleasant symptom of a low level of testosterone is experiencing weight gain, which can play a role in feeling uncomfortable when being intimate. A decrease in the desire to be sexual altogether might be experienced and possibly cause problems if a man is in a relationship. Other symptoms of low testosterone include the inability to grow facial hair, speaking with a higher pitched tone of voice, and a loss of muscle strength.

What Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Involve?

As the name suggests, testosterone therapy replacement involves replacing the low level of testosterone that is in the body. Various methods will be used to place the hormone into your bloodstream so you can eventually begin to experience the results. For example, testosterone can be administered by a doctor via injections into your muscles. There are also buccal patches that can be placed in your mouth to administer the hormone into your bloodstream. Buccal patches must sit above your upper set of teeth. Prescription pills are one of the other methods that can be used during testosterone replacement therapy.

Are There Risks Involved with Undergoing Therapy?

There are a few risks involved with undergoing testosterone replacement therapy that you should know about, including a possible increase in your red blood cell count. Acne can also develop as a result of undergoing therapy to increase the level of testosterone in your body. Keep in mind that your ability to produce sperm might be affected as well, which could cause infertility problems. High blood pressure and an abnormal increase in hair growth are a few of the other risks. Speak to a doctor for a full explanation of the risks that are involved with undergoing testosterone replacement therapy.

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7 September 2022