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Helpful Things to Know Before You Take the Abortion Pill

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The decision to end a pregnancy by taking the abortion pill is a very personal one. Once you have made this decision, making an appointment with your OBGYN or an abortion pill clinic is the simplest way to get the ball rolling, so to speak. However, there are still a few things that are helpful to know as you prepare to take the pill.

You usually take two pills.

Although this abortion method is usually referred to as "the abortion pill," there are actually two pills you take as a part of the process. First, you take a pill that contains mifepristone. This medication stops your body from making the progesterone that is needed to support a pregnancy. Second, you take a pill containing misoprostol. This medication causes your uterus to shed its lining, much like it would if you were to have a period. As the lining is shed, so is the implanted embryo. Generally, you take the two pills two days apart, although you should follow your doctor's instructions in this regard.

You'll have cramping and discomfort.

A medical abortion, or taking the abortion pill, is often seen as a less-invasive, more friendly way of aborting. And indeed, it does tend to be less painful and traumatic than a surgical or mechanical abortion. However, there is some discomfort involved with the process. The cramping you experience after taking the second pill can be quite intense. It is often described as being akin to that experienced when women miscarry a pregnancy naturally. Taking ibuprofen or naproxen can help ease the cramping. Check with your doctor beforehand to ensure it's safe for you to take these medications when you're cramping.

The pills are very effective.

Women sometimes worry that they'll take the abortion pill and it won't work. It's important to understand that while this is a possibility, it is a very rare occurrence. There's really no reason to worry about it happening to you. The efficacy of medical abortions was found to be 99.6% in a study of more than 30,000 women. Also, the earlier in pregnancy you take the pill, the more likely it is to be effective. 

Taking the abortion pill can be a wise choice, but even after you make that choice, you want to make sure you are well informed as to what you can expect. Talk to your doctor if you still have questions after reviewing the information above.


28 February 2022