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When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I didn't know what I was going to do. After the devastation subsided, I decided to take a very standard, western approach to my healing. Although initial efforts were successful, my cancer recurred a few months later. I endured many additional months of treatment before I started focusing on myself. I decided it was time to incorporate complimentary alternative treatments into my healing regimen, including massage therapy. I can't even begin to tell you how much it changed my life. My healing became a process, instead of something I simply had to endure. I hope that the articles on my website can inspire you to stay open-minded about your own healthcare.

The Importance Of Making Use Of College Mental Health Resources

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When you first move away to attend a university, you may experience homesickness and stress. You might find it challenging to figure out how to live independently away from your parents for the first time. You also might not know how to balance all of the class obligations that you incur as a full-time college student.

In a short time, you might find yourself experiencing anxiety, depression, and despondency. Instead of living with these challenges, you can make use of the available college mental health resources and learn how to live better as a university student.

Overcoming Homesickness

Homesickness is a real challenge for students who have never before lived away from home. They might experience such intense pangs of it that they contemplate dropping out and moving back home.

However, when you take advantage of college mental health resources, you may come to realize that what you are experiencing is normal and a part of learning how to live away from home on your own. You may also take comfort in knowing that your homesickness will dissipate on its own over time, and you may begin to feel more integrated with your university after a few months. You have no need to drop out and return home for fear of your homesickness not going away.

Managing Stress

You also may experience a significant amount of stress when you are living on your own away at university for the first time. You no longer have a parent overseeing your daily routine and telling you when and how to get things done. You must figure out for yourself how to manage your own daily routine and get your tasks finished on time.

The college mental health resources may teach you how to manage your time effectively and how to avoid feeling stressed at all that you must get taken care of each day. You can manage your stress and avoid feeling anxious about getting homework done, going to class, and managing other campus activities.

Overcoming Depression

Finally, the college mental health resources may help you overcome depression. You may have access to talk therapy with an on-campus counselor. You can learn coping mechanisms, such as getting daily exercise, to feel better and get past your depressive symptoms.

College mental health resources can help you become a successful independent university student. You can learn how to overcome homesickness and depression while also learning how to manage your time and stress effectively. 


27 January 2022