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How a Diabetes Counselor Can Help You Improve Your Blood Glucose Levels

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If you have diabetes, then your blood glucose levels may fluctuate between low and high. Too-high or too-low levels of blood sugar come with health complications, some of which can be life-threatening. To help reduce the risk for diabetes-related complications, maintaining tight control over your blood sugar levels is essential. To help you manage your diabetes and to help keep your blood glucose levels stable, consider visiting a community health center where you can speak with a diabetes counselor. Here are some ways your diabetes counselor can help you manage your condition.

Dietary Counseling

Many diabetes counselors have educational backgrounds in nutrition and nursing, and because of this, are qualified to help you choose healthy meal plans that will help keep your blood sugar levels stable. This helps avoid spikes and dips in blood sugars, which can cause heart palpitations, excessive sweating, nausea, shaking, and lethargy.

The goal of the diabetes counselor is to help you maintain optimal glycemic, cholesterol, and blood pressure readings which will help lower or even prevent diabetes-related complications such as cardiovascular disease and kidney problems. The counselor will also provide you with the tools you need to help you plan enjoyable nutrient-dense meals and snacks to help ensure that your blood sugar levels remain within normal limits.

Lifestyle Choices Counseling

Another goal of diabetes counseling is to ensure that your lifestyle choices are conducive to healthy blood glucose levels. The counselor will talk to you about the benefits of weight control, exercise, not smoking, and limiting your intake of alcohol. The counselor will explain why you should make healthy lifestyle changes, advise you how to make the changes, and then encourage you to make those choices, not only for the sake of your diabetes but for better overall health.

Diabetes counseling will also provide you with the support and encouragement you need to stay healthy. Diabetes professionals understand that lifestyle changes take time and they will strive to develop a nonjudgemental, patient, and collaborative approach to your health and wellness because doing so helps improve patient compliance.

If you have diabetes and are struggling with unstable blood glucose levels or if you just want to improve your overall health, contact a diabetes counselor at a local community health center. Diabetes counseling helps raise awareness of the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices, and when you understand how nutrition and lifestyle choices affect your diabetes, you may be more successful in managing your condition.


22 November 2021