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5 Types Of Procedures That A General Surgeon Will Take On

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When it comes to having surgery, sometimes you need a specialized surgeon, and sometimes you need a general surgeon. The name general surgeon masks the specific types of work that this type of surgeon performs. General surgeons focus on procedures that help remove disease, promote health, and repair injuries. They are trained in a wide range of procedures.

#1: Appendectomy

Your appendix is connected to your large intestines and is essentially a small pouch. This pouch can sometimes become inflamed and infected and can cause some serious health issues. If you have appendicitis, a general surgeon will perform an appendectomy, where they remove your appendix before it bursts and causes more complications. This is often an emergency surgery that a general surgeon will handle.

#2: Hernia Repair

A hernia repair can occur on a variety of muscles or tissues in your body. Basically, with a hernia, you develop a weak area that bulges and creates a lump. This often occurs in the belly, thigh, groin, and chest regions of the body. With a hernia repair, the surgeon will fix the weakened tissue or muscle that caused the tear and get it back in place. This is another type of emergency surgery that a general surgeon will handle.

#3: Wound Repair

When you suffer a severe wound, often a surgeon has to go in and repair the wound to ensure that it heals properly. They have to debride the wound, which is a process where foreign substances and dead tissue are removed from the wound, leaving behind healthy tissue that will be able to heal up.

#4: Breast Cancer

Many general surgeons also handle breast cancer surgery. They will go first and do a simple surgery, called a breast biopsy, where a small piece of tissue is removed to test it for cancer.

From there, the surgeon may perform a lumpectomy to remove the tumor, or they will perform a mastectomy to remove one or both breasts. This is a scheduled procedure that a general surgeon would take care of.

#5: Thyroid Removal

There are various reasons that one's thyroid may need to be removed, as various diseases can cause the thyroid to become so enlarged it has an impact on one's ability to breathe and swallow. More often than not, cancer is a guiding reason for this surgery. A general surgeon can go in and remove part of all of your thyroid, depending on what is necessary for your situation.

If you find yourself needing surgery, there is a good chance that a general surgeon will perform that surgery. Don't let the name fool you; a general surgeon is a highly trained professional who is more than capable of taking on your surgery. They take care of both emergency and scheduled surgeries.


24 June 2021