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5 Common Misconceptions About Pain Management

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If you suffer from chronic pain, whether due to an injury or sickness, life can be quite miserable. Everyday tasks that once came easily, such as cooking or sweeping the floors, may now seem impossible. However, you do not have to live like this for the rest of your life. You can talk to your doctor about pain management options.

Here are some common myths about pain management you should not believe.

People Who Go to the Doctor for Pain Relief Are Weak

Unfortunately, some people think that they should just live with their chronic pain. They may be worried about being viewed as weak if they see a doctor about it. However, there is nothing shameful about seeking help for your chronic pain. 

Chronic pain can negatively impact your life in many ways, so you should definitely get medical treatment for it.

Pain Management Doctors Only Prescribe Opioids

It is true that pain management doctors sometimes prescribe opioids to treat pain in patients. However, these medications should not be used longer than a few months. There are several other medications that can alleviate pain, such as anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroid medications. 

If You Need a Higher Dose of Medication, It Is Not Working Anymore

If your pain medication is no longer alleviating your pain, your condition may be worsening. It does not mean the medication is not working. Your doctor may have to adjust your medication to improve your comfort.

You Will Get Addicted to Prescription Pain Medication

Some people do become addicted to prescription pain medication if they take it for too long. However, that does not mean you will automatically get addicted to them. If you still have concerns about getting addicted to these drugs, you should speak with your doctor.

If You Have Minor Pain, You Don't Need to See a Doctor

If your pain is fairly minor right now, you might just think it will go away over time. However, your pain may get worse eventually and negatively affect your quality of life. That is why you should see a doctor if you have been experiencing pain for a while. They will assess the root of your pain and recommend the appropriate treatment.

If you can't get relief from your chronic pain, you should schedule an appointment with a pain management doctor as soon as possible to discuss your condition. Contact a pain management doctor for more information. 


24 June 2021