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Recurrent Miscarriages? Talk to Your Doctor About These Conditions

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If you are trying to get pregnant, but have suffered from more than one miscarriage, you may need more pregnancy care than the average person. There are many reasons why women may miscarry, some of which will be discussed here, along with potential things you could do to save your pregnancy. Make sure you work thoroughly discuss all potential causes with your doctor so that you can have your questions answered. 

1. Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances can happen for several reasons. You may have some sort of illness, such as thyroid problems which could affect your hormone levels. However, some people just naturally have lower hormone levels, which can greatly affect how your body responds to pregnancy. For example, the moment you get pregnant your estrogen levels should begin to skyrocket. This helps your uterine walls to thicken and create a safe home for your baby. If your estrogen does not jump up, your uterine walls may not be properly prepared to carry the baby for very long. Hormonal imbalances can be tracked by getting your blood drawn early on in the pregnancy and monitored as the baby grows. If your doctor sees any problems in your hormone levels, he can give you supplemental hormones, potentially saving your pregnancy. 

2. MTHFR Gene

MTHFR is a relatively new discovery in the world of fertility. This gene, which you may be positive for, has been linked to miscarriages, preeclampsia, birth defects, and more. However, it can be treated. One common effect on the pregnancy is that MTHFR positive people do not absorb folic acid correctly. Since folic acid is essential for healthy pregnancies, you may be able to take a modified type, which can be better absorbed. Talk to your doctor about being tested for the MTHFR gene. 

3. Chronic Conditions

If you have any untreated health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid problems (as briefly discussed above), or chronic weight issues, your body may not be healthy enough to carry a pregnancy full term. If you have not been to a doctor in a while, you may have some undiagnosed condition that you do not know about. Make sure to have a full physical as part of your initial OB visits. 

If you are experiencing miscarriage after miscarriage, there may be something you or your doctor can do. Discuss possible causes and how you will move forward with your fertility goals. If you feel that your doctor may not have answers for you, get multiple opinions concerning pregnancy care.


18 February 2021