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Pushing Through The Holidays With Arthritis Pain

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Are you the one in charge of the holiday party this year? If you're experiencing an arthritis flare up, you may be concerned how you'll get everything done. Swollen joints, extreme pain and mobility issues can make entertaining grueling. Here are a few ways to push through the holiday season while dealing with an arthritis flare-up.

What is Arthritis?

There are over 100 forms and variations of arthritis, according to Three of the most common types are psoriatic, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Psoriatic is an autoimmune inflammatory disease in which the immune system attacks your body. Osteoarthritis is when the smooth cartilage in your joints wears thin and bones start grinding on each other, triggering pain. Rheumatoid is an autoimmune disease, caused by a malfunction within the immune system. The synovial membrane that protects joints is attacked, leaving them vulnerable to pain.

Avoiding Triggers

Knowing what triggers arthritis pain to flare up can be challenging. Psoriatic arthritis causes enthesitis and psoriasis and it can occur when your immune system is oppressed during illness or bouts of infection. So staying as healthy as possible is important. For osteoarthritis, it's degenerative over time. Avoiding over working your joints and getting to the doctor at the first sign of illness or infection can help control symptoms ahead of time. With rheumatoid, you often can't know when your immune system will start attacking your joints, so working with your doctor offers you the best rheumatoid arthritis treatments. With all forms, avoiding stress and getting plenty of rest may help ward off pain and discomfort.

Right Now Treatments

With arthritis treatments, finding something that works immediately is needed when you have a lot of work on your plate. Cleaning your house, getting last minute food and decorations up and on display can affect your arthritis flare ups. Some quick things to try:

  • Alternate hot and cold therapies
  • Local analgesics or arthritis therapy creams
  • Don't overdo it, but don't sit idle either, this can stiffen joints
  • Use over the counter anti-inflammatory medications as directed
  • De-stress by doing yoga, taking a bath, listening to music or reading a book

Prepare ahead of time by setting up an appointment with your chiropractor, massage therapist or physical therapist. This helps with loosening joints and can give you some pain relief.

When Pain Gets Unbearable

Sometimes the pain can be too much to handle. You don't want to find yourself unable to complete the tasks you need to and find yourself stuck in bed. If you're unable to function just before an important holiday event or any time consider the following:

  • Schedule an appointment with your rheumatologist right away for the best psoriatic arthritis treatments
  • Adjust medications with doctor approval
  • Talk about advanced treatments and surgical options with your doctor

If treatment options are unsuccessful, your doctor may refer you to an orthopedic surgeon for further consultation. This may include taking your treatment a step further by replacing worn joints or repairing them with open surgery or arthroscopy.

Getting through the busiest part of the season can be challenging with arthritis. Take care of yourself so you can enjoy time with family and friends.Contact a clinic, like Sarasota Arthritis Center , for more help.


4 December 2018