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Dealing With An Irregular Menstrual Cycle

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A menstrual cycle can tell a lot about various aspects of a woman's body. If your menstrual cycles have been irregular lately, it might be a sign that you need to make an appointment with a gynecologist. One of the common reasons for a cycle to become irregular is due to pregnancy. However, there are more serious problems that could cause irregular cycles. This article explains what a gynecologist can do to get to the bottom of why your menstrual cycles have been irregular.

Ask a Few Important Questions

Your appointment with a gynecologist will depend with him or her asking questions that might explain why your menstrual cycles are irregular. For example, you might be asked when you last had sexual intercourse, as it can assist with diagnosing pregnancy as the cause. You will also be asked if you have been under a substantial amount of stress lately. Questions about the heaviness of your flow, mood changes, eating habits, and numerous other things might be asked as well. Your medical history will also be discussed during the initial appointment with the gynecologist.

Administer a Pregnancy Test

No matter what your answers are to the questions that the gynecologist might ask, he or she will likely give you a pregnancy test. Although menstrual cycles will usually temporarily stop during pregnancy, it is still possible for them to continue coming. For instance, you can have an irregular period that is much lighter than usual, or it can also show up without any irregularities. A pregnancy test is important because if the results are positive, you might need prompt prenatal care for the health of you and the baby. An ultrasound might also be performed, as it can be used for diagnosing pregnancy as well.

Suggest the Best Treatment Methods

If pregnancy is the reason for your irregular menstrual cycles, you be told how to best get through the situation. For instance, prenatal care will be based on your overall health, as well as if the pregnancy is consider high risk. However, you might have to undergo other forms of treatment if pregnancy is ruled out. Menopause is one of the many things that can affect a menstrual cycle, and treatment might include reducing stress levels or undergoing hormonal therapy. There are numerous treatment methods that can be used based on what you are diagnosed with, which is why you should visit a gynecologist soon.


10 November 2017