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Planning On Aging In Place? 3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Walk-In Bathtub

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More seniors are opting to stay put and age in place. That means they're forgoing assisted living facilities and retiring to their own homes. If you've decided to age in place, there are some steps you can take to make your home a safe place in which to age gracefully. One of the most important changes you can make involves the bathroom. You're going to need a safe place to bathe yourself. That's where a walk-in tub comes in. Here are three reasons why a walk-in tub should be part of your plan for aging in place.

Greater Ease of Access

With traditional bathtubs, you have to navigate the side walls by stepping up and over. That can be difficult if you have mobility issues, which are common as you age. With a walk-in tub, you can access through a door located on the side of the tub. There are no steps or walls that you need to access, which means you can walk right in. Once inside the tub, you simply close the waterproof door and begin your bath.

Numerous Safety Features

While to walk-in feature is a major safety feature, there are other beneficial safety features that will make the walk-in tub a must-have if you're going to be aging at home. Your walk-in tub comes with built-in safety grip bars on each side of the tub, as well as a slip-resistant surface on the bottom of the tub. They also provide a built-in seat that is easily accessible. In fact, all you have to do is sit down There's no need to stoop or bend in order to sit down in your tub. All these safety features combine to make it the perfect bathtub if you suffer from mobility issues, such as arthritis.

Provides Privacy and Self-Reliance

If you're going to age at home, you need to know that you'll be safe taking care of your own personal needs. You also want to know that you'll be able to retain your own privacy and self-reliance. The walk-in tub will allow you to maintain your privacy and your self-reliance by enabling you to tend to your own personal hygiene. With the walk-in tub, you won't need a family member or other caregiver to assist you in and out of the tub.

Aging at home means you get to continue living an independent life. Make sure your home is prepared for your changing needs. To ensure your safety when taking your daily baths, have a walk-in tub installed in your home. Companies like Twin City Stair Lifts may be able to help meet your needs in this area.


6 July 2016