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How Rehabilitation Services Can Benefit Your Recovery After Brain Surgery

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Patients that wake up in recovery after having a tumor removed from their brain may face several challenges during the weeks of recovery. You may have to deal with a loss of mobility in certain parts of your body. Mobility issues and more can be dealt with with the help of a professional physical therapist. You may also have trouble with your speech. Some people experience problems with their memory or critical thinking skills. Learn more about the benefits of rehabilitation services after your brain surgery.

Regaining Your Balance And Strengthening Your Muscles

After your brain surgery, you will have a visit from a physical therapist for helping you regain your balance and mobility. Many patients that have to lay in bed during their recovery experience muscle atrophy in their legs and arms. When you try to stand up for the first time during your recovery, you may find your legs are extremely weak due to muscle atrophy. Because of this type of muscle weakness, you will be unable to walk on your own. A physical therapist can work with you, helping you complete exercises that will help you to get back your strength. Bear in mind that a positive attitude can be one of the best attributes for helping get back to your normal life faster.

Getting Back Basic Skills Like Speech

Some types of brain surgery can have an impact on your ability to speak clearly. You may have trouble forming words even though you can say them in your head. Some people have trouble recalling words, even when they are given images of them. Specially trained speech therapists can work with your physical therapist to help you get back your ability to speak.

Side Effects You May Have To Learn To Live With

If your brain surgery or the reasons you had surgery (like a tumor) has caused irreparable damage to a certain part of your brain, you may have permanent losses in your physical and mental capabilities. Some physical therapists are specially trained to help you learn how to survive with the loss of these capabilities. For example, if you are no longer able to count money without becoming confused and overwhelmed or if you have lost the sense of touch in your fingertips, a therapist can help you find ways to conquer these problems.

No one likes to consider losing any of kind of physical or mental abilities. If you scheduled to have brain surgery in the near future, speaking with your surgeon about your particular needs for physical and mental therapies is vital for you to recover the fastest.

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1 July 2016