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3 Benefits Of Having A Chiropractor Use Active Release Technique For Your Carpal Tunnel

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If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, your chiropractor may have suggested using active release technique to treat it. If you are wondering how this targeted massage could help, consider the three benefits below.

Releases Pressure On The Nerves

Active release technique helps release the pressure on your hands' nerves, helping to relieve any pain and numbing sensations you may experience during a flare-up. The massage technique works by targeting specific muscles that are in direct contact with the nerve.

By relaxing the muscle fibers, stress is removed from the nerves. Because the nerves are no longer irritated by tense muscles, you should see a reduction in the tingling feelings in your hands. 

Improves Your Hands' Flexibility

Not only does active release technique reduce the pressure on the nerves, but it also improves the flexibility in your hands and wrists. While the chiropractor massages the muscles, they also target the joints. The massaging motion around the joints helps to increase blood flow to the area that may have been restricted while the muscles were tense and putting pressure on your blood vessels.

Once the blood flow is restored, the body is able to remove any built-up lactic acid and other harmful byproducts caused by inflammation. With the reduction of these irritants, swelling in your hands and wrists go down, helping you move them with greater ease.

Removes Scars And Adhesions 

Because nerve sensation and blood flow are reduced when you have carpal tunnel syndrome, scars and adhesions may form within the joints of your hands and wrists. While massaging the joints during active release technique, the chiropractor helps give your white blood cells better access to any scars or adhesions in your upper extremities that could inhibit movement and cause pain and pressure. 

The technique works with the body to remove them, so you find relief naturally. The massaging motion further helps with the removal of the adhesions by loosening them up and breaking down the harmful tissue.

Once softened, the body's cells can then break down the scars even further, relieving the pressure and pain. This can also relieve the stiffness in your joints, as well as numbing sensations in your fingers.

The above benefits are only three of the ways active release technique can help alleviate your carpal tunnel symptoms. For more information about this type of therapy, you may want to discuss its use with a chiropractor, such as those at Health Atlast Fountain Valley.


27 June 2016