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Overcoming 3 Common Barriers to Teeth Whitening—Cost, Time & Fear

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Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures. Unfortunately, not everybody who wants whiter teeth takes the necessary steps to achieve their desire. People have different reasons for postponing the treatment, but some of the common ones include these three:


Cost will always be an issue where dental treatments are concerned. To make matters worse, dental bleaching is a cosmetic procedure that most dental insurance plans don't cover. The average cost of whitening teeth varies a lot; it depends on many factors, chief of which is the chosen technique. It can range from tens of dollars (whitening pens for example) to over a thousand dollars (some in-office whitening techniques).

Take these measures to keep your teeth white inexpensive:

  • Don't wait for the stains to deepen. Surface stains are easier to deal with, which means they will cost you less to get rid of compared to if you wait to deal with deep set stains.
  • Try bleaching your teeth at home. Products you can use safely at home include whitening toothpaste and rinses. These are best if you just want to make your teeth a shade whiter; in-office whitening is best for perfect pearly whites.
  • Understand all the options available. Talk to your dentist to explain all the different techniques; that way you may avoid an expensive option that may not be necessary for your state of staining.


The duration of the treatment depends on different factors, such as the extent of your dental stains and your chosen whitening technique. You cannot change how stained your teeth already are, but you can choose how and you get your teeth whitened. For example, you may try at-home whitening if your stains aren't serious. For example, the modern technique of laser teeth bleaching takes only 30-60 minutes per session, although it is a bit expensive. Contrast that with conventional dental bleaching using peroxide (no laser), which takes 2-4 hours per session.


Dental treatments have a reputation of being uncomfortable and painful. Fortunately, brightening your smile is one of the most comfortable and noninvasive dental techniques you will ever face. Talk to your dentist if you want to know about your options. If you are still fearful after the talk, your dentist may suggest different relaxation techniques to try, such as:

  • Proper breathing techniques to calm you down, such as diaphragmatic breathing which involves the diaphragm muscles between your abdominal and chest cavity.
  • Self-hypnosis, where you teach yourself to calm down or even fall asleep.

In short, you share your fears with many people, and dentists have already come up with techniques to overcome these barriers. Therefore, make the first step of consulting a cosmetic dentistry to see how they can help you.


22 February 2016