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Learning More About Fire Ant Allergies And Whole Body Extract Immunotherapy

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Dealing with an allergy to an insect can be challenging and sometimes frightening because insects are small and can be hard to see. For someone that is intensely allergic to fire ants, avoiding them can mean staying indoors most of the time or avoiding walking in the grass altogether. If you suffer with a severe allergy fire ant stings, learning more whole body extract immunotherapy is a good idea.

Doing Away With Your Fire Ant Allergy For Good

Anyone living with a severe fire ant allergy can live a normal life without the fear of dying when stung by one, thanks to advancements being made in long term immunotherapy treatments. Immunotherapy treatments can last for a few weeks up to several months, depending on each individual's sensitivity to fire ant venom. The reason researchers chose whole body extract techniques for immunotherapy against fire ant venom is because there has been no way found yet to extract only the tiny ant's venom.

Immunotherapy For Fire Ant Stings Can Be Compared To Being Vaccinated

Whole body extract immunotherapy can be like getting a vaccine that protects you from the allergic reaction you would normally have to a fire ant sting. The only difference is the immunotherapy takes a bit longer than just simply getting a shot for a vaccine. The treatment can only be given by a qualified allergist-immunologist, a medical professional that specializes in allergic reactions and the allergens that cause them.

Being Safe From Stings Until Your Immunotherapy Is Complete

You should know that during your immunotherapy for fire ant stings, you should still take every precaution to avoid being stung. Until your treatment is complete, you are still vulnerable to fire ant venom, depending on what level of your treatment you are at. Each treatment you get involves giving you a bit more venom than the last visit, building up to a certain level of it that will guarantee your immunity to a sting. If you are stung by an ant during your treatment, the venom could deliver too much at one time and cause you to have an allergic reaction that could be dangerous.

Being allergic to fire ants can feel like a curse, especially if you live in an area that has many of them around. However, by visiting your allergist and finding out your options for whole body extract immunotherapy, you can get back to leading a life without the fear of fire ants. Visit a site like for more information.


1 December 2015