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Skin Cancer: Things To Know About Basal Cell Carcinomas

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Do you have red patches on your skin that are elevated and itchy? You may want to make a prompt doctor's appointment to get the patches tested in case they are basal cell carcinomas (skin cancer), as you may need to undergo skin cancer surgery. Find out in this article about basal cell carcinomas and what getting treated is estimated to cost.

What Should Be Known About Basal Cell Carcinomas?

Basal skin carcinomas can appear in various ways on your skin besides in the form of raised red patches. For instance, they can appear as light-colored, firm areas or flat, pink growths and open sores. Basal skin carcinomas will also bleed easily if touched when you shave, as they are fragile. Once they start bleeding, it takes longer than usual for them to heal than normal cuts from shaving. Although the growths can appear anywhere on your skin, they are most common on the neck and head.

Getting diagnosed for basal skin carcinomas will involve the specialist examining the growths, your lymph nodes and performing a biopsy. The type of biopsy performed will depend on the type of growths on your skin and how big they are. A biopsy involves all or a portion of the growth being removed and sent to a laboratory to be tested for cancerous cells. He or she will also ask if you are experiencing symptoms that include:

  • Pain
  • Itching
  • Bleeding

If the specialist concludes that the growths on your skin are basal cell carcinomas, you may have to undergo surgery so they can be removed. There are various types of surgical procedures that can be performed for basal cell carcinomas. The type of surgery performed will depend on the type, size and location of the growths on your skin. Sometimes the biopsy performed during the diagnosis stage is sufficient enough to remove basal cell carcinomas. You may also have to undergo chemotherapy and radiation after surgery, but it depends on how severe the cancer is.

How Much is Treatment for Skin Cancer Estimated to Cost?

You are looking to spend at least a little over $1,700 to treat skin cancer if it is in the early stage of development. Skin cancer that is well-developed can cost over $56,000 to treat. The overall cost that you will pay depends on if you have health insurance coverage, and the extent of treatment that you must undergo. Contact a skin cancer specialist as soon as possible to find out if you have basal cell carcinomas.


28 October 2015