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Manage Your Scrubs Supply Better With These 4 Tips

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In a medical facility, scrubs are essential. They help patients to identify staff, and they allow doctors, nurses and other staff to do their work in a comfortable way. Scrubs are also easy to clean, and therefore make a perfect uniform at a medical facility. However, you may notice that your scrubs seem to disappear as fast as you order them. That's why you need to consider the following suggestions for managing scrubs at your facility.

Take Regular Inventory of Scrubs

If your facility is like most, you may only be assessing the scrubs inventory once a year or so. However, to make sure that the scrubs supply stay adequately stocked, start taking inventory every month. This way, you can account for all the scrubs in the facility and be better able to plan for losses.

Put Rules in Place

You may not have specific guidelines about scrubs usage, but you may want to consider putting some kind of rules in place. While medical staff cannot always know when they will need more scrubs because of patient interaction, you can put a limit on the number of scrubs they bring home. If they need more scrubs than they are allotted, have them present a request in writing.

Consider Staffing Changes

If your facility has recently hired a number of people or has downsized the number of employees working there, you must consider those changes when ordering your scrubs. You may need more scrubs to accommodate more people in the nursing department, for instance. Make sure that every staff member will have access to the scrubs they need.

Check with Your Laundering Service

It is a good idea to make sure that the scrubs you send out to be cleaned are returned to your facility. Count scrubs before and after a laundry run, to ensure that none are getting lost in the laundry or a laundering service truck.

If you notice a discrepancy, talk to your laundering service about any actions you can take to avoid losing scrubs in the future. You may even consider getting a more reliable service, so that you don't have to worry that scrubs will go missing every time you get them cleaned.

Use the above suggestions to manage the supply of scrubs at your medical facility. You can also consult local inventory services from companies like Instant Inventory Service to help you manage your scrubs, so that you don't have to keep ordering new ones and can make use of the ones you already have in stock.


28 March 2015