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Four Things You Should Know Before You Invest In A Wheelchair

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If you or someone close to you needs a wheelchair, there are many things to consider. You may need a wheelchair as a mobility aid for many reasons. Some people need a device that they can rely on all day, while others may just need a wheelchair for certain activities. There are also powered wheelchairs and simple manual wheelchairs that you control. If you need a wheelchair, here are four things you will want to consider to get one that is right for your needs:

1. Choosing A Chair That Fits Your Needs And Body

There are many different types of chairs; manual chairs will be the easiest to maneuver. You will want to consider your needs and the type of chair. Size is an important aspect of your chair, which you will want to have a chair the fits your body type. You do not want a chair that is too big, or one that is too small. For more mobility, you may need a motorized chair. Consider the size of the chair, as well as things like horsepower, battery life and controls on a motorized chair.

2. The Right Combination Of Compact Size And Mobility

Having a wheelchair that is compact in size will also help make getting around easier. It is a good idea to consider your needs and choose a wheelchair that has the right combination of compact size, as well as offering you the mobility you need. If you are looking for a powered wheelchair or mobility scooter, you may want to look for one that has a compact folding design. If you use the powered wheelchair in addition to a manual wheelchair, try to find a scooter that is similar to the size and shape of your manual chair.

3. Choosing The Right Center Of Gravity

When choosing a chair, the center of gravity is important. You will want a combination of safety and mobility. If you have a chair with the center of gravity more to the front, you will be able to get over obstacles like steps more easily, but this will increase the risk of falling forward out of the chair. You may want to try different chairs, and find one that you are comfortable with. There are also chairs that have an adjustable center of gravity, and this can be useful for different activities, allowing you to adjust the center of gravity depending on your needs.

4. The Right Combination Of Wheels, Tires And Casters

Wheels for chairs also come in many different shapes and sizes. In addition, casters are important, and you can choose from many different sizes and shapes. Wider casters will give you more stability, while narrow casters will make it easier to manipulate the chair. The tires for the wheels can be solid to resist puncture, or they can be air filled for a more comfortable ride. Consider the environments where you will be using your chair and the type of tire that is appropriate. For scooters and motorized wheelchairs, you can also get foam-filled tires for a combination of durability and comfort for your chair.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider when looking for a wheelchair that is right for your needs. If you are in need of a wheelchair, contact a wheelchair sales vendor and ask them about some of these things.


17 February 2015