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Treating Your Vaginismus: What You Should Know

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When you suffer from a disorder such as vaginismus, you may feel as though you are alone in your struggles. You may even find yourself wondering if there is something inherently wrong with you that prevents you from having a "normal" sex life or even from being able to use the feminine products many women take for granted. However, the truth of the matter is that you are not alone, and many women also suffer from the involuntary contraction of the muscles around the vagina causing it to close at the most inconvenient times.

Luckily, there exists vaginismus treatment and home remedy options available to you that can help you to cope with and rid yourself of your vaginismus. All you need to do is know what options are available to you and give them a try. 

Kegel Exercises

Most women who have picked up a ladies magazine in the past few years have at least heard of Kegel exercises. They are meant to keep the muscles in the vaginal region tight and controlled, preventing accidental urination and getting the vaginal canal back in shape following childbirth. 

However, on the flip side, Kegel exercises can also be used to regain control over the muscles surrounding the vagina when they contract involuntarily and are too strong or tight. To perform these exercises, all you need to do is purposefully contract these muscles for 2 seconds, release, and then repeat. 

Once you get comfortable with the voluntary contraction of these muscles, you can up the ante by inserting first one then up to three fingers into the vagina and intentionally contracting the muscles around your fingers. This will eventually allow you to use tampons and engage in penetrative sex without discomfort and/or pain. 

Therapy and Counseling

Sometimes the cause of your vaginismus is psychological, specifically due to anxiety. To best treat and combat anxiety, you should contact a therapist or counselor.

These professionals will help you to understand the causes of the anxiety that you are feeling and experiencing, and will help you to develop coping mechanisms to handle such anxiety attacks. The treatment options for anxiety include breathing exercises, meditation, and even anti-anxiety medications. It all depends on your desires and needs for treatment. 


Yoga is an exercise program that not only helps to improve your body's strength and flexibility, but also helps to focus your mind and control stress and anxiety. A regular yoga practice involves various stretching and strength poses paired with meditative breathing and focused thought. 

The yoga poses can actually help to give you more control over your body and muscles while the breathing exercises can help you to control stress and anxiety. As such, yoga is a perfect remedy and treatment for your vaginismus as it helps you deal with both the physical and psychological issues involved in your vaginismus. 

As you can see, there are several potential treatments available for your vaginismus. Do not allow yourself to avoid treatment or seeking assistance because you are embarrassed or ashamed. Many women suffer from similar struggles. Rather than dwelling on the negative, get started on a treatment routine. 


8 January 2015